woman: writer: wanderer

striving for growth, honing my craft, cherishing the journey



 I am from the heart of the Caribbean, the isle of Antigua; that place you’ve never heard of, “where land and sea make beauty”. I am a daughter of the soil, steady in my foundation. I am a wing unfurled looking for direction. I am a dreamer, a wordsmith, a life in motion; a reminiscer by design but a realist by intervention. Free will or fate..there’s always a question, and within all things there is purpose, reason and even uncertainty. But life is an adventure, embrace the journey..


 pages of prose, poetry, predilections and pensitivity

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46 thoughts on “Ginny

  1. jamesdeeclayton says:

    I love your soul, which comes through strong in your writing. I especially like your little bio down the side of your home page… *I am a daughter of the soil, steady in my foundation.” You’ve inspired me today, thank you. J x.

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  2. Lucy & Marty says:

    Hey! Thank you for stopping by our site and following our blog! You are the first person that we do not personally know to follow us – I am suppperrrr excited! Thank you! Also, how did you come across our blog. I look forward to reading your work!

    Liked by 1 person

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